All parents MUST be registered if you volunteering for any other activities that are taking place at school.

Please follow the following steps to register and sign up for an opportunity (such as field trip chaperoning, helping homeroom teachers, lunch/recess duty )

How to Register to be a Volunteer

1) Go to School Website at

2) Click on the Parents tab and then, click on Be a Volunteer from the dropdown menu.

3) Complete the registration process by adding your information.

4) Complete the Orientation to be able to complete your registration. All volunteers MUST complete it in order to be eligible to volunteer on campuses.

  • The link below will take you to the orientation slides if you missed them during the registration process.

After you click on the link at the end of the orientation slides, it will take you to a form saying you “agree” with our policies and abide by them.

  • Once submitted, it will take you back to your account in EZ volunteer where you can see all the opportunities.

How to sign up for an opportunity
5) You will be able to see all volunteer opportunities at the Website under the Parent >Be Volunteer Tab to sign up.
6) Find the opportunity and sign up for it

7) Your name will appear under the opportunity on the system and the teachers will be notified.

8) After you complete the opportunity, please remember to log your hours in under the matched opportunities by signing in EZVolunteer through the website.